We use kites from the brand Cabrinha, one of the best brands in the world, models Switchblade, Drifter, FX, Moto e Contra.

C-shape kites were the first type of kite in the market. In 2005, the Bowkites were developed.



The BOW profits from three years of development by the Legaignoux brothers:
- Speed: the BOW travels very quickly from one edge of the wind window to the other, without over-powering you.
- Maneuverability: the turns are as fast as on the best classic kites. The kiteloops are very easy to perform
- Jumps: their height is comparable, or even higher than that of a classic wing having the same aspect ratio. On the other hand the hang time is longer and the landings extremely soft.


- To remove the power from a BOW kite you just let go of the bar. You do not have to open a quick release (QR) or push the bar which requires being conscious and in a position to do it.
-To return to a normal flight situation, there is no need to re-engage a QR with the wing on the water; you just have to grab the bar again, and to sheet in. You will be able to do it most of the time before the wing falls to the water.
- If the wind suddenly increases, if you fall brutally and lose the visual control of your wing, if an obstacle suddenly appears, release the bar and everything will stop instantaneously.