The first’s experiments with kitesurf happed during the70´s years. Since than, many things happed and nowadays the sport is famous around the world. The mains responsible for the birth from this sport were two families, one American and other French. Specially the French family, the Legaignoux brothers.

Check out the chronology:

1982 – The American designer of Boing Bill Roeseler and his son Cory, started to use a Wing Delta, with a rigid structure made with carbon fiber, to generate power to pull them on water ski’s.

1984 – The French brothers Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux, sailors, surf and windsurf performing, had developed a kite with air tubes. Once inflated, the air wont escape, making possible that, when the kite falls in the water, the pilot could take off without help. The invention is patented!

1985/1986 – The Legaignoux brothers start to participate of regattas with water ski’s to develop the invention.

1992 – Bill and Cory Roeseler start to sale the equipments that they had patented and called KiteSki.

1993 – The inflate kites made by Legaignoux brothers, called Wipika, also had started to be sale.

1994 – Cory Roeseler brings the Kiteski to Maui, Hawaii, to show to the windsurfers from Hookipa Beach . There the sport wasn’t take seriously until to them discovery that with kiteski they could go faster than with windsurf.

1995 – The American surfers Laird Hamilton and Mike Waltze start to use the kiteski with their surf boards. The problem was, when the kite fall in the water they needed help from other person to take off the kite again. In the same year, the French windsurfer Manu Bertin, nationalized in Maui, arrives from Europe with the Wipika’s kites from the brothers Legaignoux. The firsts boards specifics for the sport start to be developed.

1998 – The first World Competition was realized in Maui , with three categories: Long Distance, Wave and Slalom. From 24 competitors, between women and men, 22 were using inflate kites and only 2 were using KiteSki. The American Marcus Flash Austin is the general winner, also using inflate kites. Cary Roeseler and his kiteski won the second placement . The windsurfer Robby Naish, is the winner in Slalom and the windsurfer girl Tomoko Okazaki is the female winner, both using inflate kites. The Brazilian guy Maurício Abreu was living in Maui and ends in sixth placement.

1999 – More competitions are organized around the world: Maui happed the First King of the Air; in Lecaute (France) happed the World Cup. The American Lou Wainman is the winner between the 28 men and the French girl Anne Pegon is the best between the women’s.

2000 – Birth the KiteBoard Pro World Tour, the first World Circuit of Kitesurf. There was six stages around the world: Cabo Verde, Dominican Republic, France and ending in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). This year represents also the beginning of this sport in Brazil .

The sport is still growing and becoming more popular every day!