# The Rancho do Kite’s truck departs daily from Jericoacoara to Preá. The departure time varies according to the classes schedule. We advise that the preference of vacancies in the car are for students. If you are a kitesurfer  please contact us to check our availability. 

Phones: +55 88 3669-2080 or +55 88 99969-8306

# There are other options such as renting a buggy or a truck (D-20) to go to Preá beach. They are available every day in Jeri.

# There are no Banks in Jericoacoara, however, some restaurants, shops and markets accept credit cards. The closest city with a "reliable" bank is Jijoca (20km). Or 45 km from Jericoacoara is Acarau which is a more reliable way to get your money from a Visa Card. Neither of these banks change Dollars or Euros. It is better to bring cash (Reais) from Fortaleza.

# There are no street lights in Jericoacoara and flashlights may be useful.

# Remember that you are visiting a National Park. Please keep the garbage off of the streets and respect environment.

# Some beaches are dangerous to practice kitesurf so please be aware and ask which beaches are recommended.

# The local temperature never drops below 22 degrees. But for those who chill easily it is worth bringing a sleeve blouse, because as there is much wind, you may need.

# The wind season in Jericoacoara / Preá goes from July to January, during which the wind blows almost every day. The intensity of the wind varies from 20 to 35 knots, and the strong winds (22 to 30 knots) predominate in the region. From February to June, the wind does not blow regularly and may rain.

# The water temperature is between 22-25 degrees so don’t worry about wetsuits. The important thing here is protection from the sun, using a lycra, sunglasses and sunscreen because as we are close to the equator, the sun is very strong